Update from Phil Metcalf

“Dr. Zic from Vanderbilt called today, seems that something unusual is going on, haven’t seen this type lesion before.  So its back to Vanderbilt next Wednesday and see what is happening.  You would know just before the big Turkey day I might be in store for something unknown.  Will be there with bells on and see what happens.  Love you all.”

Phil 2

Update from Mary Alice

Routine check up with oncologist showed nothing remarkable but thankfully he wanted more assurance and order tumor marker blood tests and a CT scan. Both lab tests came back abnormal and the CT scan showed multiple lesions in my liver and something in the spleen. A subsequent PET scan confirmed and I was scheduled to meet with an Interventional Radiologist. He told us the absolute best treatment was the Y90 procedure where radioactive beads are delivered directly into the tumors through the hepatic artery. Following a liver biopsy to confirm this is a recurrence of ovarian cancer we did the necessary procedures to prepare for the first delivery.  We worked a trip in to MD Anderson for a second opinion and they concurred and also told us the tumors were very slow growing.
First beads delivered last Friday into the first lobe and I have to say I’ve had more fun, but what’s a gal to do? I’ll return to Radiologist on 10 September for blood work to determine how I’m tolerating the radiation (ironically, my liver function tests are perfectly normal which is a good thing). The second delivery to the other lobe will be 1-2 weeks after this visit.
I cannot be out in public for 3 days after each delivery due to the very high concentration of radiation; I even have to be careful around the dogs!  I’m just happy no one is waltzing around with a Geiger counter!


Prayer Request for Bill and Lindia Harless

Received the following update from Treva Schlosshan:

Please have everyone remember Bill & Lindia in their prayers.  I spoke to Lindia & it seems Bill has been in the hospital recently.  He was given only 24 hours to live at that time, but 2 weeks later was back home with hospice care.  He is very weak & sleeping a lot, but still able to talk to Lindia.  Fred took him a gift by the house Christmas Eve, but he was asleep at that time, so he did not get to visit with him.  Lindia called me later & said that she thought he was just trying to make it through Christmas.  It will not be long before the Lord calls him home & Lindia gave me permission to have everyone updated.  This has to be so difficult for them & prayers will be appreciated.