Update from Phil Metcalf

“Dr. Zic from Vanderbilt called today, seems that something unusual is going on, haven’t seen this type lesion before.  So its back to Vanderbilt next Wednesday and see what is happening.  You would know just before the big Turkey day I might be in store for something unknown.  Will be there with bells on and see what happens.  Love you all.”

Phil 2

Update for Mary Alice

Spoke with Carol in Matt’s office.  The CT showed the spleen mass is a bit bigger (but, I can live without spleen); there is a decrease in the liver hepatic metastatic (yea, Y90); no change in the lymph nodes, but NO bone involvement at this time.  HE4 was elevated, but not too awfully much.
Matt seems adamant about wanting me on a really regular schedule so it looks as though I may be in the chemo suite on Thanksgiving – however, NO leftovers to deal with:).  I’ll know more after I have the first infusion on 14 Nov.
Decided to break in a few new wigs today for lunch out with a friend.  Actually, not too bad and between the different styles I have it shouldn’t be too bad.  Carol did confirm that the hair will go:(
At least I’m not going to an office everyday this go around so I can get away with being a walking bowling ball around here if I want.

Treva’s Update on Baby Bruce

Bobby, just wanted to update you on our new little grandson.  He had surgery Thursday & is doing great.  He will need to have a couple more surgeries down the road (6 mo. & 8 mo. old) but will be fine.  My daughter & I went to Nashville Friday to see him; a real cutie!  Birth weight was 6 lbs 9oz so not bad for being 3 weeks early.  He seems very comfortable-smiling in his sleep.  His IV was removed last night & got to be fed for the first time since birth.  Will go home in 2 weeks so we are very thankful that everything has turned out so well for him.