Stories and Information about Mary Alice

Received the following e-mail from John Bevilaqua:


Hope all is well with you. I am working diligently on the book about Mary Alice and could use some help on the high school section. Any comments or stories you could share would be greatly appreciated.

Some questions that could contain interesting answers include:

  • Can you remember any real “highlight” moments about Mary Alice ?
  • What do you remember about her personality ?
  • Who were her “best friends” in high school?
  • Do you remember any of her boyfriends?
  • In what activities or clubs did Mary Alice participate?
  • Do you remember anything about her love of PE and gym class? If so, what?
  • Did you and other boys consider her “sexy” in high school?
  • Were you aware of her modeling career while in high school?
  • What are the most important memories you have of Mary Alice from high school?

Bob, thank you for your help. I am committed to getting this book finished and published before the end of the year. I intend to include photos of Mary Alice sprinkled throughout the book along with interesting stories about her and how she lived her life.

The last part of the book will be a tribute to her inspirational battle against cancer and I know you and Mary Alice talked about this many times because of your situation with your wife. If you have any thoughts on this topic I would appreciate those as well. Mary Alice always loved trying to help others cope with cancer and I think she provided a lot of inspiration to a lot of people.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best wishes,
John Bevilaqua

Please send information about Mary Alice you want to share to John at:

Extracted from Phil’s Facebook

Great news from Dr. Anz the Oncologist today, results of the PET scan and Echo Cardiogram came back Negative for any other Cancer showing up inside. The four that showed up earlier, tests and pathology shows only one to be positive and we should be able to treatment with any surgery. Need to change my diet, shows very low on red blood cells and that could be some of the present side effects of always being tired and no energy. Thanks for all the support and prayers, not out of the woods but can see the other side.