Update from Treva on Baby Bruce

Well, the diagnosis for the little one was as good as we could wish for.  His colon is fully formed except for the last 1/2 inch so the surgeons will construct that as well as the rectum & seem to think that will take care of his problem.  The surgery was rescheduled for tomorrow @ 11:00 am  due to a urgent case today at Centennial Hospital.  It appears that they only do one pediatric surgery a day but have every specialist there for each one.  The physicians are very optimistic re: his outcome so we are encouraged by that. So hard on my granddaughter though; she is not able to even touch him in the NICU.  She was discharged from the Murfreesboro hospital today so she could go to Nashville to be with her newborn.  I do want to thank everyone for their prayers & please continue to pray for a successful surgery Thursday. Will keep you posted…

Prayer Request from Treva

Prayer request!  Bob, this was a bittersweet day for our family.  My granddaughter Courtney & her husband blessed us with a great-grandson this evening.  He is a beautiful little boy but was born without a rectum.  He has been transported from the birth hospital in Murfreesboro, TN to Centennial Hospital in Nashville for surgery Wednesday morning.  Please send a prayer request for all of our family for a successful outcome.  Hopefully, it will be just a tissue problem & not the “plumbing” itself.  Thanks for the prayers in advance! We are naturally worried beyond belief for this little soul.

Prayer Request from Patti Averitt Gross

Received the following request from Patti this morning:

I wanted to let you know that I will be having surgery on Tuesday the 8th.  On my last visit to Dr. Brzezienski (hand surgeon), he noticed a lesion on my forearm and suggested I get it checked (actually, he said I should get someone to put it in a jar – but you have to know Dr. B!)  I did as he suggested and the biopsy came back as melanoma.

I had a visit last week with Dr. Charles Potera, Jr., Oncologist, and he scheduled my surgery.  They will do nuclear medicine to track from the site to the lymph node, then take a section from my arm approximately 4″ x 1 ” and one node.

Then we will see prognosis and further treatment if necessary.  I wanted to let my friends know what was going on and I would, of course, appreciate your prayers. I do want you know that I am not worried – I tend not to unless I know there is a reason. I am, as always, in God’s hands.

Love to all,