Earth Day Thoughts from W. L. Goodman

Earth week, this week, leading up to Earth Day, Sunday April 22nd.

Some environmental issues have become controversial and politicized to the point of endangering a very important movement. However few would argue with recycling, though it may not be financially cost-effective. Simple things; reusable grocery bags, filtered water rather than bottled, broadening our knowledge of seafood; Arctic Char versus Salmon, Loupe de mer instead of Chilean Sea bass, in an effort to prevent overfishing the most popular fish & preventing extinction of a few species. Changing the bulbs we use in our homes & businesses just to mention a few. No one will do all things, however if every one would pick one thing that arouses passion in their heart, & most have, our world will continue to become a better place for our grandchildren to raise their children. Since 1970 the EARTH DAY MOVEMENT has raised awareness of people, communities, governments, nations and increased understanding of all people of the importance of reversing the negative impact we & previous generations have imposed on a very fragile world-wide environment & Eco System. Perhaps I am preaching to the choir, but if we all could pay it forward, & touch one person by example, think of the influence. As always, every cause develops over zealous fanatics that can stymie momentum. Inevitable RIGHT wins out, we however are always better off for the challenge. If U have the opportunity, google Earth Day 2012 & if it appeals, picnic outside on Sunday. Golden chance to spend time with family or friends and smell the offerings of an awesome spring, at least here in Chatt.

W. L. Goodman

Update from Phil McGovern

Hi Bob and thanks for checking on me. i am doing very well. Hard to believe it’s been 30 months since the heart surgery.

I will try to make the Mini-Reunion, but August 3rd is a workday, so I will have to wait until closer to the day to know.

Take care my friend & try to keep Bobby Byrd out of trouble.


Mini-Reunion August 3, 2012

Big thanks to W.L. Goodman for hosting our mini-reunion at his Office Coordinators, Inc. conference room and courtyard at 326 East Main Street. 

Bring snacks and food to share along with whatever beverage you want to drink.  We plan on getting started around 7:00 p.m. and partying as long as you want.  Dress comfortably according to your own preferences.