Prayers Answered for Lori Harless Grauso

Just wanted to share some good news with my buddies.  Lord knows I have had enough bad news lately.

Finally got into see Andrew Fowler, a great cardiologist here at Northpark.  Took me almost a year to get in.  He ordered an echocardiogram and set my follow up appointment for last Friday.

I am on cloud nine at the good report.  I had reports before that left me thinking I would not be around  for the next reunion.

Dr. Fowler says my cholesterol is wonderful, my BMI is in normal range and even my weight is normal.  LOL   Also, my test on my heart for my replacement valves still functioning properly was in his words, “GREAT.”  I am so thankful for your continued prayers for me and my family.  Of course we never know what the Lord holds in store for us, but this does give me plenty to be thankful for.