Update on Oso Landslide

Some likelihood the bodies of my stepbrother-in-law and his wife may never be recovered. I’m comfortable with that for a number of reasons. First of all only their bodies are there now–convinced their spirits are with The Creator. They were together doing what they loved to do in a place they loved–perhaps they are telling us to leave their bodies there.

Prayer Request


Larry and Sandy Miller, my stepbrother-in-law and stepsister-in-law, had a home in the direct path of the devastating mudslide near Arlington, WA.

We have not been able to make contact, and they have been reported as missing.


Back in the Great Northwest

Glad to be back in the Great Northwest after spending 17 days in Southern CA assisting my father-in-law–getting him into a nursing home, selling his mobile home, and settling his personal affairs.  Two 12-hour driving days in each direction.  Thank God for keeping me safe.  Had some bad weather on the return trip.  Returned to some abnormal weather at home.  Approximately a foot of snow last week followed by freezing rain and widespread power outages.  Power restored a my house about two hours before getting home.

Update from Linda Lewis Crossley

Bob, Hal and I are great grandparents.  Yesterday our grandson’s wife had an 8# 6oz, 22″ long baby girl.  They named her Mary Jane.  She is beautiful and when I get some pictures of her I’ll send them to our group.  Linda
PS – you talk about making you feel old…that really makes me feel old

Congratulations Alan and Martha

It’s A Girl  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurel Anne Banus  Born 2:48 a.m. December 15.
(Will have same birthday as 3 year old Grandson as Harrison Jones Hulgan)

Mommy – Rebecca Hulgan Banus
Daddy – Todd Andrew Banus

Life Is Good,
PawPaw Alan & Mia Martha

Genesis 1:31

Thoughts and Thank Yous from Bob Johnson

Looking forward to my trip back to Chattanooga next week.  Will see family, high school classmates, and  friends.  Will lunch at Bea’s where I served tables in the early and mid-60s.  Mike and Doug Bradshaw (Bea’s grandsons) with whom I served tables are still there after all these years, and the food is the same–great!  Thanks to WL and Lynne Goodman for their hospitality.  Also want to thank Bobby Byrd for being so willing to provide transportation.  Thanks to Lori Harless Grauso for spreading the word on lunch at Bea’s on the 9th.  Finally, thanks to those who responded to my request for feedback on the Class of ’65 Blogs and blast e-mails and to those who have indicated they will be at Bea’s on the 9th and/or The Central Connection luncheon on the 10th.

Thank You Note from Linda Lewis Crossley

“Hi Bobby – would ask my friends at Central to remember the family of K W Lewis who lived in Chattanooga.  I am currently here as we just had my brother’sfuneral a few days ago.  He passed away as a result of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. He is survived by his wife, Sara, two sons, Kurtis, his wife Kim and two children Erika and Reid.  His son Kirk who also lives in Chattanooga.  I have been here for a week or so to attend the funeral and help out the family.  I will be leaving tomorrow for CO. I would have loved to see some of you but must get back to my family.  Thanks for your prayers.”  Linda Lewis Crossley

Update from Alan Hulgan on Martha’s Surgery


Thank you again for your personal interest in Martha, and all of our Class member connections.

Recovering well. Slight anesthesia fatigue. Still some visual redness and bruising associated with the 4″ incision on her neck.  Some neck muscle stiffness.  Previous coughing has greatly subsided. She says it’s even easier to breathe.  There are for sure no voice issues. Appetite returned.  Pathology reports this week were good.  First followup visit with surgeon next Monday.  See no reason she will not be given permission to resume
normal activities.  She has been touched by well wishers and prayer concerns.

Have A Great Weekend,