Central Historical Marker

With Bobby Byrd in the lead, Lori, Ron, and I have been working on an application to the Tennessee Historical Commission to erect an historical marker on Dodds Avenue.  We’ve proposed that it be located in the planting strip between the sidewalk and the curb approximately centered on where the building stood.  Yesterday, Bobby visited the Commission where they were kind enough to do a courtesy review before submission.  Our application was acceptable, but the Commission representative suggested a few changes to the proposed text and how we show supporting documentation in the bibliography.  We decided to accept those suggestions and are working on the changes.  In a few days Bobby will hand-carry the final application back over to the Commission.  We expect it to be considered by the Commission at it’s November meeting and are optimistic it will be approved.  Total cost of the marker is $1,400 to be paid within a few days of approval.  Donations can be made to the Central Historical Marker Fund. Please make checks out to Central Historical Marker Fund and mail them to Bob Johnson, 8909 180th St. Ct. E, Puyallup, WA 98375 or get your check to Lori, Ron, or Bobby. The application is being submitted on behalf of all Central alumni.

Report on Bill Harless from Treva Jay Schlosshan

I stopped by to see Bill and Linda yesterday.  Bill was taking a nap, so I stayed and talked to Linda for a while.   Please remind everyone to continue to pray for both of them.  Linda said the cards and calls from our classmates were very much appreciated.  Treva

Miss Bobbie Ruth Hodges

Today, Ron Tucker and I (Bobby Byrd) went by the old Central High School site to take some measurements for our Historical Marker application.  Afterwards, we went to Wally’s Restaurant for lunch.  Ironically, after we had been there for a little while, we looked over at the table to our right and there was Miss Hodges; our high school history teacher.  She looked very good for her advancing age, and she was very alert.  We talked to her for a minutes, and among other things thanked her for the contribution she had made to our lives as a schoolteacher.

Update on Theo Womac

I spoke with Theo today.  Actually, we talked almost two hours.  Theo has been back to doctor and told he was doing okay.  Doctor wants Theo to come back in six months.  Says he’s not going but I told him he better. LOL

Nothing wrong with Theo’s thinking cap as we got into conversation of 9/11 and history and wars in general.  Theo told me more than I could remember about most wars.  Went into detail about Viet Nam, POWs and MIAs which he follows.

Anyway, said first card he saw when he awoke from sleep was the get well card from his Central classmates and he really appreciated that so much.  Theo wanted me to say thanks again for everyone praying for him and his family.  Theo sends his love to all and promised to call me back again soon.  I have known Theo since grammar school and I for one am certainly glad he is on road to mending completely.

Report from Ron Lance in Houston

It is absolutely bezarre here.  Seven days ago we set the high temperature record for Houston at 108 degrees.  Last night we set the low temperature record for this date in history at 57 degrees.  Go figure ?!!  Except that every tree is dying because the last real rain we have had was during George W. Bush’s administration (41″ behind this year over last), the weather is very pleasant.  The water temperature in my swimming pool has dropped 6 degrees in three days.  East of the Mississippi all the rivers and lakes are overflowing.  Why can’t we  mount a major underground boring project to bring some of that water West?!  We were all praying that Hurricane Lee would come our way.  I understand that Chattanooga set a rainfall record yesterday.

The fires in Central Texasare threatening Austin.  The ones about 30 miles from me are proving very difficult to control. Not only homes and businesses up in smoke, but livestock and wild game too.