Faculty Biographies by Charlie Sedman

These biographies have been posted on Preservation of Central History Site for some time.  Interesting reads if you have not read them.  Below is a link to them:

Central Faculty Biographies


New Class of ’65 Social Media Site

We need to get the word out about our Class social media group on Chattanooga Central Connection. Our broadcast messaging system is transitioning to this site.  It also provides a system to message classmates directly and provides a contact database for those classmates with e-mail addresses. Additionally, it allows a classmates to post directly to the site very much the same as a Facebook. To access Class of ’65 on Chattanooga Central Connection, go to http://chattanoogacentralconnection.ning.com/Groups/class-of-1965 and sign in with your e-mail address and password.

Please contact Bob Johnson at mrcentral65@comcast.net for assistance in getting signed in and/or questions about navigating the site.