Heading Home Today

Had a  great visit.  Thanks again to WL and Lynne for their hospitality.  Thanks to those that joined me for lunch at Bea’s.  Was especially pleased to see Theo there looking great.

Spoke with Bill Harless who is off to Atlanta today for a scan to see how effective his chemo treatments have been.  Told him I would post a prayer request to pray for total success.

Stopped by Memorial to see Gene Roberts who was in good spirits and doing well after his bypass surgery last week.

Stopped by to see Tommy Lawhorn who suffers from lukemia and COPD.  Tommy was in good spirits and we shared lots of stories about basketball and classmates.  Tommy needs our prayers too.


Thanks to our Central Class of 1965 Veterans

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all our Veterans from the class of 1965. We appreciate all your endeavors to ensure our freedom and I personally want to say that words will never express just how much all our Veterans mean to the class. We shall never forget what you must have endured to ensure our freedom and we know how much freedom means and that you all had so much to do with “keeping us free.” God bless you all.

Update from Larry and Pamela Shackelford

First, I wanted to thank you for your continued dedication to the promotion of our “Central Class of ’65”.  I also want to thank you for your patient and gentle prodding of our sometimes awkward and fitful efforts to communicate.  Please continue to provide that great point of communication.  It is much appreciated.

Second, I am home from what appears to be a successful 5th back surgery and, as my neurosurgeon teases, still in search of a good spine transplant.  Five bone spurs, each the approx. size (diameter) of a “pinkie” finger, were removed and used in a “bony” fusion of L3 and L4.  An effort was made to enlarge the spinal canal in that area perhaps reducing the chance of a repeat of this issue.

Pamela and I look forward to seeing all of you again… maybe a cruise or a hike in a park 🙂

Thanks again for all of your efforts, “hello” to Kathi, and a special “Thanks” to Patti for her “cheery facebook good mornings”.

Larry & Pamela Shackelford, Central Class of ’65

Historical Marker Update

Today I spoke to Sam Elliott, Chairman of the Tennessee Historical Commission, and Linda Wynn who is the Assistant Director of State Programs for the Tennessee Historical Commission. Mr. Elliott and Ms Wynn both agree that 1908 would be the appropriate date on our marker for the beginning of Central High School at that site, because that is the year students first began classes there. Prior to that, students were meeting in another location somewhere in Ridgedale.

Ms. Wynn is presently reviewing our application for any discrepancies, and Mr. Elliott will review it sometime in December. The Monuments and Markers Committee will review it in January, and the full Commission will vote on our application on Friday, February 17, 2012. At each step along this process, the language in the text on our marker is subject to modification, and the Monuments and Markers Committee also has the responsibility of recommending that our application be either accepted or rejected by the full Commission.

Even though they were non-committal, both Mr. Elliott and Ms Wynn believe that our application has very good chances for approval. Mr. Elliott also indicated that our willingness to pay the full price for the marker will expedite installation of the marker if we are approved. But for the present time, no news is good news because that tells us that the review process has found no problems in our application. In other words, we would be notified if there was anything inaccurate or unsubstantiated in our application.

Thoughts and Thank Yous from Bob Johnson

Looking forward to my trip back to Chattanooga next week.  Will see family, high school classmates, and  friends.  Will lunch at Bea’s where I served tables in the early and mid-60s.  Mike and Doug Bradshaw (Bea’s grandsons) with whom I served tables are still there after all these years, and the food is the same–great!  Thanks to WL and Lynne Goodman for their hospitality.  Also want to thank Bobby Byrd for being so willing to provide transportation.  Thanks to Lori Harless Grauso for spreading the word on lunch at Bea’s on the 9th.  Finally, thanks to those who responded to my request for feedback on the Class of ’65 Blogs and blast e-mails and to those who have indicated they will be at Bea’s on the 9th and/or The Central Connection luncheon on the 10th.

In the Chattanooga Area

Apparently some classmates did not see my October 29th blog post–here it is again.  12:00 p.m. Eastern is the time for lunch both days.

I’ll be in the Chattanooga area 9 – 13 November and hope to see as many classmates as possible.  Lunch at Bea’s Retaurant on the 9th is on my agenda–you’re invited.  Also plan on attending The Central Connection Luncheon at Ryan’s in East Ridge on the 10th.  Perhaps it’s time for the Class of ’65 to show up at the Central Connection Luncheon to show “We’re the Best There Is Still Alive.”

Class Blog

It seems to me that after all these years, much of the values we displayed, the interest, caring, and compassion that we had for each other in 1965, is still being demonstrated. Our Class Blog is an opportunity to open a door that lets us look back and reminds us who we were, of the roads we have traveled, and where we are today. Life Is Good, and I want to wish that we all have a lot of fruitful living to do, and that we can find ways to share it with others. The Blogs and Blasts are excellent !! What a great tool of communication and expression. Maybe we could share blog opportunities with all those classmates whom we have frequent contact, and encourage them to participate. Thanks Bob, for making all this work. Alan