Update from Lindia Caldwell Harless


Thank you again for keeping our class informed; I know it’s a lot of work but it is so appreciated.  Bill and I are now back at home after living in Atlanta for two months while he finished out the final two months of his six-month infused chemo/oral chemo + radiation.  He managed the therapy well but is very weak from it all.  His doctor was very encouraging; the next step is the CT scan in March.  Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers; it really helps!

Today I am going to lunch with Donna Tucker Longshore, Alva Jo Gass LaMontangue, Sherry O’Dell Price, and Patty Adams Thompson to celebrate Sherry’s birthday!  We have received great support from them and many, many other classmates throughout this ordeal.

Thanks again for your good work for the class and I pray you will be able to continue.

Warm regards,

Lindia Caldwell Harless

Update from Tonia Frazier Hooker

Hello, My friends and family; I had my fourth chemo yesterday. I had a good report from the Doctor. My blood work was the best since October! I have had less pain, nausea and have been able to eat more since I had the blood transfusion on January 13th. Please pray that I will tolerate this chemo better this time than the others.  I have been getting  deathly sick on the second day after chemo and it last for almost three weeks! I thank each of you for yours cards, phone calls, emails and mostly for your prayers!!! It seems on days that I am the sickest and emotional lowest, one of you reaches out to me and it helps so much to boast my courage and strenght!!! God bless each of you for you friendship and kindness to me!!!  I am so blessed for knowing you and having you all in my life!!! Your loving friend, Tonia