Extract from Phil Metcalf’s Facebook Post

Ok, things didnt go as we expected, the ct scan came back positive with 3 images in the groin and 1 deeper in the pelvic area. They did a biopsy of one today to see exactly what we have to deal with. According to Dr. Ellis it can change characteristics and need to see which treatment is needed. So in the short of things we are now starting a new battle with chemo and radiation and what ever needed to try and contain it. Thats all I know until Friday when we meet with both the Oncologist and Radiologist to plan a way to try and contain it. Again thanks for all the prayers and concern,Phil

More Info on New Class of ’65 Group and CCC Social Network

I’ve been working on building a replacement social site for The Central Connection (TCC) site.  MyFamily, which hosts the TTC site, is going out of business in September.

I’ve created a Class of ’65 Group which allows us to communicate more effectively.  It also provides a much more effective broadcast messaging capability and allows classmates to directly posts news and topics for discussion.

I’m creating a membership for each classmate for which I have an e-mail address.  Membership in Class of ’65 Group includes membership in TCC which is a private social network in which the content can be seen only by members.  Your memberships I’m creating show your name, class, zip code location, and birthday (many will need to be corrected as we did not have birthdates on file).  By editing your Profile, you’ll be able to add additional information, make correction/changes, and change your password.

Many of you have received notification of your membership approval.  If for any reason to object to being a member of CCC and Class of ’65 Group, please let me know immediately—you will be removed from the membership roster.

The initial password to sign in, unless you were already a member, is purple.  Your user ID is the e-mail address we have on file.  You can sign in at:  https://chattanoogacentralconnection.ning.com.

Please change your password immediately by clicking on “My Page” in the header.  You’ll then see an “Options” link toward upper right.  When you click on it, you’ll see an “Edit Profile” option.  Click on it, and you’ll be able to change your password, input additional info, and correct or change info.

If you cannot sign in, please let me know, and I help you resolve the issues.



Chattanooga Central Connection Membership

All classmates with current e-mail addresses in the Class of ’65 Contact Database will start seeing messages about Chattanooga Central Connection (CCC) membership.

Bob Johnson is working to create a more effective communication among classmates. As a part of the plan we will have a Class Sub-Group in CCC.

Go to www.chattanoogacentralconnection.ning.com and sign in with your e-mail address and generic password purple. First thing we want you to do is change your password. To do that click on “My Page” in the header. Toward the upper right, you’ll see “Options.” Please click on it and look for “edit profile.” Click on it and enter a new password plus make any changes to the other info appropriate to you preferences. The majority of the birthdays will not be correct, so please change.

CCC is a private social site with access only by members.

If you have not seen any e-mail messages about CCC membership yet, you will in the near future.