Thank You Note from Janie Leonard Williams

Received the following message from Lori Harless Grauso:
Received a thank you card from Janie Leonard Williams in reference to the Get Well card sent from the Central Class of 1965.
Janie wrote a wonderful and inspiring note to us stating just how much the card from the class meant to her.  She said when she received she was having a not so good day and it lifted her spirits so much to know we were thinking of her.
Janie is doing well and the cancer hopefully in gone…….Janie wants to thank all who prayed for her and she sends her love.

Extracted from Phil’s Facebook

Great news from Dr. Anz the Oncologist today, results of the PET scan and Echo Cardiogram came back Negative for any other Cancer showing up inside. The four that showed up earlier, tests and pathology shows only one to be positive and we should be able to treatment with any surgery. Need to change my diet, shows very low on red blood cells and that could be some of the present side effects of always being tired and no energy. Thanks for all the support and prayers, not out of the woods but can see the other side.

Extract from Phil Metcalf’s Facebook Post

Ok, things didnt go as we expected, the ct scan came back positive with 3 images in the groin and 1 deeper in the pelvic area. They did a biopsy of one today to see exactly what we have to deal with. According to Dr. Ellis it can change characteristics and need to see which treatment is needed. So in the short of things we are now starting a new battle with chemo and radiation and what ever needed to try and contain it. Thats all I know until Friday when we meet with both the Oncologist and Radiologist to plan a way to try and contain it. Again thanks for all the prayers and concern,Phil

Update from Phil Metcalf

Good meeting with the Dr. at Vanderbilt today, and had lunch with my son Rob and his friend Susan at Rafertys. They are in Bowling Green and came down to meet for a visit. Dr. Zic is changing some medications to help recover some energy and said things are going well so we will see if it works and try to increase activity to remain energy and muscle mass.

Update from Ronnie Lance

Just got off the phone with Ronnie who shared with me he had back and spine surgery about 5 weeks ago. He recovering well.

However, today he underwent a procedure which identified the need for bypass surgery in the next 10 days to 2 weeks.

Ronnie asked me to let every know, saying “I need all the help I can get.”

Update from Mary Alice

They never tell you everything…..

…else you would run far and wide away from them!  So the Matt visit:  my appointment was for 10:30, and we got into an exam room at a few minutes before noon!  When the poor guy came in I could tell he was exhausted, so I cheered the room up by announcing that we had waited so long that my eggs were so old they’d never be viable, and there goes me getting pregnant….a good laugh was had by all.
Got all the prescriptions I needed and the physical exam was unremarkable – then John asks about the length of the chemo drill.  Seems since I’m on a ‘low dose’ it only counts as ‘half’ an infusion – so looks as though I’ll be doing chemo every two weeks through the end of April.
I’ll see Matt again the end of next month, and he’ll check my counts and decide if I’m to have a CT scan at that point.  After the end of this regimen he will have to decide whether the chemo and radiation has made enough progress against the disease to let me take a breather or to continue.  One problem with continuing this particular cocktail is the possibility of becoming less than responsive to it, and should a darker cloud loom it might not be as effective.  We’ll let good ol’ Matt make that call!!!

Update from Phil Metcalf

“Dr. Zic from Vanderbilt called today, seems that something unusual is going on, haven’t seen this type lesion before.  So its back to Vanderbilt next Wednesday and see what is happening.  You would know just before the big Turkey day I might be in store for something unknown.  Will be there with bells on and see what happens.  Love you all.”

Phil 2

Update for Mary Alice

Spoke with Carol in Matt’s office.  The CT showed the spleen mass is a bit bigger (but, I can live without spleen); there is a decrease in the liver hepatic metastatic (yea, Y90); no change in the lymph nodes, but NO bone involvement at this time.  HE4 was elevated, but not too awfully much.
Matt seems adamant about wanting me on a really regular schedule so it looks as though I may be in the chemo suite on Thanksgiving – however, NO leftovers to deal with:).  I’ll know more after I have the first infusion on 14 Nov.
Decided to break in a few new wigs today for lunch out with a friend.  Actually, not too bad and between the different styles I have it shouldn’t be too bad.  Carol did confirm that the hair will go:(
At least I’m not going to an office everyday this go around so I can get away with being a walking bowling ball around here if I want.