Tribute to Theo Womac for Serving

Theo served in the United States Navy from September, 1966 to September, 1968 aboard the USS Hermitage (LSD-34) as a Radarman Second Class, and saw extensive duty in operations off the coast of Viet Nam from June, 1967 to October, 1967.  Theo has remained active in the POW/MIA project, and has participated for the last 20 years in the annual motorcycle ride in Washington, DC.

Tooting Your Own Horn

Recently included a series of posts in tribute to those who served.  Know more of you served–so please share it.  Serving includes all military services, law enforcement, and firepersons.

I served proudly for 25 years.  After graduating from Auburn in 1969, I served until retirement in 1994.  Served in a couple of wars and earned a few medals.  I want to ensure that all the members of the Class of ’65 who served get the recognition they deserve.

Gene Roberts, for one, you need to tell the story of serving two tours in Viet Nam as a proud Marine.  There are other classmates who need to share their stories, so please do.

Tribute to Alan Hulgan for Serving

Received Selective Service notice to report for physical exam to be drafted into Army while attending University of Tennessee Knoxville in November ’68.

Volunteered for USAF Service, January 1969.
Basic Military School, Air Training Command, Lackland AFB, Texas
Technical Electronics School, Air training Command, Keesler AFB, Mississippi
4500 Air Base Wing, Tactical Air Command, Langley AFB, Virginia
12th Combat Support Group, Tactical Air Command, Phu Cat AB, Viet Nam
366th Combat Support Group, Tacticat Air Command, Da Nang AB, Viet Nam
23rd Combat Support Group, Tactical Air Command, England AFB, LA
Discharged from USAF Active Service, February 1973
Discharged from USAF Inactive Reserve, February 1975

Tribute to Phil Metcalf for Serving

My career started in the US Navy, USS Enterprise CVAN 65, Flight deck  and fire and damage control. 1965/1966. First fleet assigned to South China Sea for air support for troops in south east asia. Dec 1965 injured during flight opertions from air rescue on flight deck and returned state side for medical and reassignment San Deigo Calf. Returned to the Great Central High School in Jan 1967 to complete my senior year and make new friends. Started a Law Enforcement career in Daytona Bch Fla in 1970, working undercover narcotics and SOG, Special Operations Group. Return home and worked with the Hamilton County Sheriffs Dept in Narcotics, Homocide and SWAT. Worked Two Years with TVA in Nuclear Public Safety. Total 14 years and 29 Police schools. Also worked with WRES, Waldens Ridge Emergency Service, atop Signal Mtn TN for several years as an
EMT, Rescue, Fire and Deputy Chief. I always, when in high school wondered what my
future would be, and after serving in the positions I’ve had the opportunity to be involved, I know it was helping others, whatever the sitution. Thank you for this opportunity to rebound. Phil Metcalf Class 65/67

Tribute to Bobby Byrd for Serving

Bobby retired with 2 years of active service in the Navy and 23 plus years of service in the US Navy Reserves.  In October, 2002, Bobby was mobilized in support of Operation Noble Eagle/Enduring Freedom and has the distinction of being the classmate who served on active duty last.  And…..Bobby was mobilized to active duty for counter-terrorism support
from June, 2004 to September, 2004 for OPERATION Atlas Shield at the Joint Analysis Center (JAC) in Molesworth, UK for the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.  Congratulations and thanks Bobby Byrd.  Correct the totals for service for me.  I’m impressed that you could be serving on active duty more than 10 years after I hung it up.  Thank you, thank you………

Tribute to Leslie Wright for Serving

Got my invitation to the party on 17 Nov 69 to Ft Jackson for induction on the Ft Gordon for basic then Ft Polk for AIT and then to Ft Kobbe, Panama, Canal Zone. Came home SGT E5 and alive on 1 Jun 71. Guess I was one of the lucky ones of that time.