Update from Mary Alice

They never tell you everything…..

…else you would run far and wide away from them!  So the Matt visit:  my appointment was for 10:30, and we got into an exam room at a few minutes before noon!  When the poor guy came in I could tell he was exhausted, so I cheered the room up by announcing that we had waited so long that my eggs were so old they’d never be viable, and there goes me getting pregnant….a good laugh was had by all.
Got all the prescriptions I needed and the physical exam was unremarkable – then John asks about the length of the chemo drill.  Seems since I’m on a ‘low dose’ it only counts as ‘half’ an infusion – so looks as though I’ll be doing chemo every two weeks through the end of April.
I’ll see Matt again the end of next month, and he’ll check my counts and decide if I’m to have a CT scan at that point.  After the end of this regimen he will have to decide whether the chemo and radiation has made enough progress against the disease to let me take a breather or to continue.  One problem with continuing this particular cocktail is the possibility of becoming less than responsive to it, and should a darker cloud loom it might not be as effective.  We’ll let good ol’ Matt make that call!!!