Tooting Your Own Horn

Recently included a series of posts in tribute to those who served.  Know more of you served–so please share it.  Serving includes all military services, law enforcement, and firepersons.

I served proudly for 25 years.  After graduating from Auburn in 1969, I served until retirement in 1994.  Served in a couple of wars and earned a few medals.  I want to ensure that all the members of the Class of ’65 who served get the recognition they deserve.

Gene Roberts, for one, you need to tell the story of serving two tours in Viet Nam as a proud Marine.  There are other classmates who need to share their stories, so please do.

Need Your Feedback

For more than two years we’ve been trying hard to enhance communications among our classmates with blogs and blast e-mails.  Satistical feedback indicates only about one-third of those with e-mail addresses open what is sent out via our blast e-mail system, and very few comment on blog entries.

Statistics can be incomplete and misleading.

So, please make a comment on this post if you value the blogs and blast e-mail system.

Proposed Location of Historical Marker Revised

After some feedback that the proposed location of the marker would not be centered on where the building stood, we confirmed through photos in the 1964 Champion the building stood centered on the block between Bailey and Chamberlain.  Consensus was the marker should be placed to maximize prominence and aesthetics and not centered on where the building stood.  The proposed locations has been changed to:

First JROTC Unit in Tennessee

This document was submitted with the application to the Tennessee Historical Commission.  Not only the first in Tennessee, and one of the first 30 in the Nation, the Central JROTC unit is the longest continuously operating JROTC unit in the South.

Central Historical Marker Project

Alumni Night

Central will recognize alumni by year during halftime of the football game on October 21st against East Ridge.  Game starts a 7:30 p.m. at the Central High School Football Field in Harrison.  Peggy Meyer, 423-728-1949 or,  is the point of contact for alumni.  Please let her know if you plan on attending so she can coordinate seating arrangements with the School.