It Will Still Be Christmas

All the celebrations of our Christmases begin at a manger with him.  We say “Merry Christmas” because He is our joy and our happiness. We say “Goodwill to men” because He is our peace and our pardon. We say “Good tidings of great joy” because He is our announcement and our proclamation. We say “Good cheer” because he is our hope and our confidence. We say “Emanuel” because he is with us. We sing “Glory to God” because His light blesses us.
All the rituals of our lives: Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, funerals, commencements, weddings, are inexorably tied to the Christmas message…., “Jesus is Born…., Jesus is Born”.
The light shined in the darkness, and it still shines, and shines, and shines. And when our lights flicker and die – when those with whom we have long celebrated are gone – when we can no longer share needs or exchange gifts, or sing songs – it will still be Christmas because…., Jesus is Born…, Jesus is Born.
From “Noel  Jesus Is Born” .  By – Lanny Wolf

Update from Linda Lewis Crossley

Bob, Hal and I are great grandparents.  Yesterday our grandson’s wife had an 8# 6oz, 22″ long baby girl.  They named her Mary Jane.  She is beautiful and when I get some pictures of her I’ll send them to our group.  Linda
PS – you talk about making you feel old…that really makes me feel old

Jim McMillian Update

Jim had an appointment with his orthopedic doctor this morning, and he has agreed to give Jim’s right foot more time to heal. Jim broke his ankle last spring, and since that time it has never completely healed in part due to his weight, and also because of his diabetes. As a result, Jim has been confronted with the possibility that he may eventually lose the foot.  For the time being though, Jim has to use either a walker or wheelchair to get around.  I’m sure that he would appreciate your prayers or phone calls at 423-314-1798 or 423-894-5221.

Congratulations Alan and Martha

It’s A Girl  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurel Anne Banus  Born 2:48 a.m. December 15.
(Will have same birthday as 3 year old Grandson as Harrison Jones Hulgan)

Mommy – Rebecca Hulgan Banus
Daddy – Todd Andrew Banus

Life Is Good,
PawPaw Alan & Mia Martha

Genesis 1:31