Historical Marker Update

This evening, the Chattanooga City Council approved our request for a “Temporary Usage Permit” for the placement of the Central High School historical marker on Dodds Avenue, pending further approval by the Tennessee Historical Commission. The vote was unanimous in our favor by all 9 council members. Ron Tucker did a flawless job of putting together the necessary documents for this request, and he made a brief presentation before the Council. The fee to the city for $110.00 was paid for by donations from our classmates.

Historical Marker Update

Today I spoke to Sam Elliott, Chairman of the Tennessee Historical Commission, and Linda Wynn who is the Assistant Director of State Programs for the Tennessee Historical Commission. Mr. Elliott and Ms Wynn both agree that 1908 would be the appropriate date on our marker for the beginning of Central High School at that site, because that is the year students first began classes there. Prior to that, students were meeting in another location somewhere in Ridgedale.

Ms. Wynn is presently reviewing our application for any discrepancies, and Mr. Elliott will review it sometime in December. The Monuments and Markers Committee will review it in January, and the full Commission will vote on our application on Friday, February 17, 2012. At each step along this process, the language in the text on our marker is subject to modification, and the Monuments and Markers Committee also has the responsibility of recommending that our application be either accepted or rejected by the full Commission.

Even though they were non-committal, both Mr. Elliott and Ms Wynn believe that our application has very good chances for approval. Mr. Elliott also indicated that our willingness to pay the full price for the marker will expedite installation of the marker if we are approved. But for the present time, no news is good news because that tells us that the review process has found no problems in our application. In other words, we would be notified if there was anything inaccurate or unsubstantiated in our application.

Proposed Location of Historical Marker Revised

After some feedback that the proposed location of the marker would not be centered on where the building stood, we confirmed through photos in the 1964 Champion the building stood centered on the block between Bailey and Chamberlain.  Consensus was the marker should be placed to maximize prominence and aesthetics and not centered on where the building stood.  The proposed locations has been changed to: