Contact Info Updates

When I sent out a broadcast e-mail yesterday, I discovered we need updated contact information for:

Dawn Mangan

Preston Fairfax

Winston Bean

Faye McDaniel Potter

Harold Carpenter

Diane Liner Eves

Please help with any contact info you have for these classmates.

Chattanooga Central Connection Membership

All classmates with current e-mail addresses in the Class of ’65 Contact Database will start seeing messages about Chattanooga Central Connection (CCC) membership.

Bob Johnson is working to create a more effective communication among classmates. As a part of the plan we will have a Class Sub-Group in CCC.

Go to and sign in with your e-mail address and generic password purple. First thing we want you to do is change your password. To do that click on “My Page” in the header. Toward the upper right, you’ll see “Options.” Please click on it and look for “edit profile.” Click on it and enter a new password plus make any changes to the other info appropriate to you preferences. The majority of the birthdays will not be correct, so please change.

CCC is a private social site with access only by members.

If you have not seen any e-mail messages about CCC membership yet, you will in the near future.

Class of ’65 E-Mail Communications

Classmates with e-mail addresses should have received a message yesterday asking for a short reply confirming receipt.  Thanks to those who have already responded.

Suggest that all classmate subscribe to this blog to receive e-mail notifications where there is a new post.  As a backup to ensure all classmates get the word, a blast e-mail will be sent out with a link to this blog.