Best Alive Spring Break in Gulf Shores in 2015

If you’re interested, the Committee needs to hear from you, or the idea will pass away for lack of interest.

There have been rumblings indicating my (Bob Johnson) involvement in Class of ’65 affairs has been dysfunctional–not my intent, and I will disengage if that is the your opinion.

Your feedback is important to future efforts of the Class of ’65 Committee.

18 comments on “Best Alive Spring Break in Gulf Shores in 2015

  1. Nothing wrong with the job you have done for our class, if the truth be known, if you had not taken this upon yourself, we would be dysfunctional. Correct yourself on Golf Shores, it is Gulf Shores. Nice idea, if you can get enough interest. Just a typo!!!

  2. As we currently have difficulty making full use of our personal vacation shares, it is unlikely we would participate in a Class of 65 Gulf Shores getaway/reunion–just based on family considerations, as we care for my mother in our home at this time.

    I have no reason to believe Bob Johnson’s involvement in Class of 65 affairs is dysfunctional. His frequent communications and obviously warm sentiment for his Central experience have been welcome, as has his genuine caring for our classmates. I acknowledge, however, that my own participation has been sketchy at best, so I’m not in a position to judge (if anyone is). I’m grateful for the efforts of all involved in preserving the integrity of our wonderful class.

  3. Wow Bob, that’s a puzzler. I can’t imagine why anyone would think your efforts on behalf of the class are “dysfunctional” – in my opinion, the opposite is true. Your diligence in planning events, and keeping information flowing, is the glue that’s held us all together throughout these many years. Obviously, for one reason or another, not everyone has participated, myself included, in all that’s been offered, and the combined efforts of several very dedicated classmates have brought these wonderful events to fruition, but I don’t see how anyone could fail to acknowledge how much hard work and planning made them all possible; they don’t just “happen”.

    Someone has to keep the flame – it’s not easy once schooldays are over, and the business of life begins to demand our attentions elsewhere.

    It’s a fact – you can’t make everyone happy no matter what you do, but please don’t feel bad, and don’t get discouraged. You do a fantastic job, and your service to the class, your passion for the Class of ’65, keeps the fire alive for all of us.
    You are deeply appreciated.
    Sincerely, Judi Hoell

  4. I can’t understand why anyone would say that about you Bob. You have done a great job so please don’t disengage from the Class of ’65. I think it’s important that we stay connected. Keep the faith Bob, you are very appreciated and by reading some of the other replies, we all feel the same.
    I don’t know where Gulf Shores is at. Could you fill me in. I really want to be at our 50th reunion and will make every effort to come. Or is Gulf Shores a mini reunion? I have been out of the loop for awhile as we have been inundated with company. I guess that’s one of the consequences of living in the Rocky Mountains and having an apt. above your garage.
    Linda Lewis Crossley

    • Gulf Shores is on the Alabama coast. This gathering would be a secondary event. The main event will be at Chattanooga Golf and Country Club. Primary date is September 19th, and alternate date is October 17th. There will be an informal gathering at a location to be determined Friday evening before the main event.

  5. I wish I could repay all of you for all the work you do when so many of us are not near by often. I know I would love to attend more things but we all have crazy schedules. Thank you for keeping all the information so current and for your servant heart to do this for us. Sincerely, Pat Mayfield

  6. Bob, you have done an excellent job!! I can’t thank you enough. I am in touch with some classmates from the class of 64 and they have commented about how great our website is providing info. out about our classmates. Please continue with your efforts. Thanks again.

    I would be interested in the trip to Gulf Shores. It is a beautiful area.

  7. Hopefully, you won’t pay any attention to any childish rumblings that may be out there. I don’t know of any individual who has put more work into any of our projects than you have. The guy at the top always makes an easy target. I hope you will not be discouraged by any of that, and will continue to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK for the benefit of all Centralites; even the jealous ones.

  8. Outstanding job. Thank you so much for what you do for our class. Living in California, you have kept me up to date and it is so appreciated.
    Judy Hurley Cammack

  9. What rumblings? Gee Bob, don’t people ever grow up. We are the “best class Central ever had”. You have done a wonderful job. Ignore the others.

  10. I can’t believe that there is any negative criticism of your contributions to the Class of 65. Since I live in Boulder CO, I am not an active participant in most of the activity (I know that isn’t a valid excuse….I assume you still live in Puyallup.) but I appreciate being copied on all the updates. Keep up the great work Bob; I think you are doing a fantastic job!
    BTW, we were really blessed during the recent flood. We only have a little bit of wet carpet in the basement which is amazing considering we are only a block and a half away from Boulder Creek which was running at 100 times its normal rate. There are homes in neighborhoods all around us that were dealing with a foot or more of water in their basements; some with 3 feet of flood water and sewerage. What much of Colorado has lived through in the past few weeks makes me really appreciate the TVA dam system back in TN and the anti-flooding benefits that it provides. Many of the residents in the Boulder foothills lost their homes and all major roads in & out of their areas were destroyed, totally isolating them. Since I am not sure how to include a photo with this, I will send a photo from the local paper taken with my phone to Bob. It is of a foothills resident picking through debris in front of his home that was completely washed off its foundation.

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